5 Reasons Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks

You work long days, and your legs get you through them. Wear compression socks for the best preventative leg care.

Stop swelling and fatigue, so you can have fun after work

Your free time is valuable. You know pressure socks leave your legs feeling better after work. Make the most of your day by having legs that feel just as good at the end of the day as they did at the beginning. You deserve to have fun!

Take some time alone, and use this to time treat yourself. You spend all day helping other people and running to them when they need you, so if you’re able, carve out some time each day where you’re unavailable to others and can just be by yourself.

If possible, go to the movies, lunch, or for a drive by yourself. Clear your head. Or if you stay in, put on a meditation recording and some candles. Engage in a little retail therapy by looking for the best compression socks. The compression socks of yesterday are dull; the new ones are eye-catching and attractive. You probably own other clothing with unique patterns - why not compression socks, too? Break up the boredom with the latest pressure socks.

Prevent pain

Mens and women's compression socks help prevent pain. This means you’re more likely to have enough strength and energy for occasional after-work fun. Join a sports league or an adult ballet class. Volunteer. Or put your feet up and let people take care of you, for once.

They’re cuter now

You’ve seen traditional compression socks. They’re not very exciting or fun. They get the job done, and that’s about it. Things have changed, though. The compression socks of today are fun and fashionable. Splashy prints and a variety of colors give you choices. They also give you the compression you need. You don’t need to sacrifice one benefit for another.

In fact, you may surprise yourself by wearing them on your days off! Because they’re made to be fashionable now, you can do this. Choose from compression socks that blend in with an outfit, and ones that liven up an outfit. They even coordinate well with dressy looks.

Spider veins and varicose veins

With your medical knowledge, you probably know about the role compression socks play in helping to prevent these. Varicose veins, caused by spending a lot of time on your feet, are unsightly. You may have been putting off thinking about them, but the best time to start is now, before those purple markings start showing up.


The legs and ankle areas need protection.  Compression socks stop blood from pooling in the veins of the lower leg. Compression socks have the most amount of pressure at the ankle area and less pressure at the top. It’s a “gradient” of pressure. This gradient, called graduated compression, keeps blood moving.

You’re under pressure at work. Lots of standing and walking takes its toll. Though it’s good to not have to sit, there is a certain kind of stress from standing for long periods with limited rest. Nursing is one of those jobs where you occasionally have to break into a sprint to get things done. We’re sure you’re nodding in agreement! Take the workload off your mind and use compression socks as a tool - a tool for your legs.

Compression socks fit under your usual footwear really well. You probably have go-to shoes for your nursing job. If not, it’s worth going to an orthotics professional or shoe fit specialist. Cushy insoles are great, but you probably need well-engineered shoes with a custom fit.

Since you work in healthcare, you know the technology that goes into medical devices. While you would be more capable than most of wrapping your legs using bandages, you’re busy and you appreciate not having to. In fact, your challenge is to take care of yourself without having it feel like work. The worst thing would be for you to neglect yourself, and have it affect your own well-being. You put your time and effort into the well-being of others. You need to help yourself before you can help them, so to speak.

Compression socks are quick and easy to put on in the morning. They’re made to breathe well and deliver results while remaining comfortable. They’ll need to be replaced every four to six months, which is an excuse to buy more styles of socks! At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you reached for them. Cheery and bright images on modern compression socks add joy to what were once dull and ordinary. You’re probably in scrubs every day, so it’s fun to have something individual and unique to pair with outfits on a regular basis. You could match them to different shoes and/ or scrub colors. Wear brightly colored ones to coordinate with holidays.

If you’re currently not wearing compression socks, think about trying them. They could help you avoid burnout, since you’re in a career that puts others first and requires you to give your all. Give yourself the benefit of compression, for active days and comfortable evenings. You see every day at work how the right tools and adaptive equipment improve patients’ well-being. Give some well-being to yourself.

Since your family and friends trust you to know about health and healthy habits, give them the gift of attractive pressure socks. You probably know some people who aren’t able to move around much, and would enjoy fun circulation socks. If your colleagues in health-care haven’t seen the best compression socks, show them. Most people don’t know how far they’ve come! Once a necessity, they can now also be considered accessories.

Compression socks make your days as a nurse better. In a range of colors, they can certainly make them brighter! Give your legs the same care you give patients, and they’ll thank you later. It’s nice to hear a “thank you!”

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