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Introducing Comrad

Hey friends, family, and fellow Companions!

At COMRAD, we make stylish, everyday socks with compression (true graduated compression, that is).

We found that anything dress socks or athletic socks can do, compression can make better—providing health benefits like increased circulation, improving recovery post-exercise, and reducing swelling while on your feet or in an airplane seat. That’s important to us.

I started COMRAD after crisscrossing the country for work on long flights several years ago. My legs and feet would swell like balloons and it was super uncomfortable. As I spoke to friends who had similar issues with tired, sore, or swollen legs, they recommended compression socks. Guess what? They work. (And, to my surprise, they're not just for the ailing or elderly as I wrongfully assumed!)

Problem is, traditional compression socks are ugly, unreasonably expensive, and uncomfortable. I wanted to solve that problem and also create the perfect go-to sock for women and men.

I spent two years working with some of the best apparel and compression manufacturers I could find to craft these socks.


So, I invite you to try our Companions, whether you’re already a compression-sock devotee or just looking for a new way to stay energized during your busy day. They’re soft, breathable, stylish—and quite possibly the most functional sock you’ll ever wear. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love them, we’ll give you 30 days to put them to the test. Take ‘em to work, wear them on a flight, run wild. If you’re still not convinced, and your legs don't feel better during your daily grind, you can send them back for a full refund.

Free shipping when you buy 2 pairs. Of course free returns. Every step of the way.


Your fellow companion,

Andrew,  Founder - COMRAD


P.S. Here’s photo of me feeding a goat taken at COMRAD’s manufacturing plant. (For the record, we also have ducks and chickens.)




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