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What are Compression Socks?

What are Compression Socks?

Everything you need to know about what compression socks do and how they work.

Essentially, compression socks and compression stockings are clinically proven, snug-fitting socks designed to gently put a specific level of pressure on your legs. This pressure improves circulation, which allows you to feel more energized while minimizing the chance of varicose veins, blood clots, inflammation, swelling, and general discomfort. We mean it when we say these are Socks with Benefits.

What do compression socks do?

So what does all this mean? You'll get healthier circulation - all from changing your socks. Healthy blood flow throughout our bodies is essential to survival and well-being. The gentle pressure from compression simply helps your blood vessels work better. The arteries taking oxygen-rich blood to your muscles are able to relax, allowing blood to flow freely. The veins get an extra boost, pushing blood back to your heart.


Compression Levels



Designed for everyday relief from mild ankle and leg swelling.

Great entry level for those looking for a little support from minor discomforts
Commonly used for minor varicose and spider veins, minor swelling, pregnancy



(Most Popular) Designed for everyday relief from mild-moderate swelling and pain.

Moderate support for more energized legs and feet
Commonly Used For- travel, long days on your feet, moderate swelling + pain, varicose and spider veins, edema, pregnancy



Designed for everyday relief from moderate-severe swelling and pain. Also used to improve endurance in long-distance running.

Firm support commonly prescribed for moderate-severe swelling and pain + endurance sports
Commonly Used For- DVT, severe swelling and pain, lymphedema, circulatory conditions, recovery, injury prevention

True Graduated Compression

This is the most effective form of compression, offering a medically designed gradient-level of support. True Graduated compression or pressure stockings work by creating precise amounts of pressure at different parts of your legs & feet for optimal circulation. Typically tighter at the ankles and looser, going up the legs to help blood flow freely instead of pooling.


Stay-Up Cuff

Never Slides down your leg.

Breathable Fabric

Superior ventilation for sweat-free feet

Antimicrobial Smartsilver Technology

Kills bacteria and prevent odor

15-20 mmHg Graduated Compression

Increases circulation for all-day energy and support

Cushioned Heel + Toe

All-day softness and comfort

Most common ways people
can benefit from compression

Standing & Sitting

Pavement-pounders, desk job desperados, and on-your-feet pros—modern life demands a lot from our bodies. Many people experience leg fatigue that comes from varicose veins, edema, or blood clots.

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A dedication to exercising can put a lot of strain and stress on the body, but by simply switching your socks, you can help elevate your athletic performance, avoid injury, and reduce muscle soreness after your workout.

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Besides expecting a bundle of joy, most moms-to-be can also expect edema—swelling in the lower legs, ankles, and feet caused by the normal increase of blood volume and fluid during pregnancy.

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Post-workout, many athletes experience a temporary reduction in athletic performance, caused by muscle fatigue, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), shin splints, edema, and various minor injuries.

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Sitting for long periods on a plane, train, or in a car can cause blood and fluid to pool in the lower legs and feet leading to swelling. We call this potato feet.

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studio image of person standing on a light grey background wearing heather grey knee-high socks with an ace bandage wrapped around the right ankle and strewn about the floor. Image is cropped showing only above the knee down.


Thanks to gravity, the most challenging place for your body to pump and circulate blood is from your heart down to your feet and back.

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Why wear compression socks

Pain Relief

All-Day Comfort

Keep brain sharp

More Energy

Keep heart healthy

Heal wounds faster

Typically compression stocking are worn for comfort, for athletic endurance, and to prevent serious medical condition. We believe anyone and everyone can benefit from the magic of compression.

Why Comrad Compression?

Because Comrad is revolutionizing the compression sock. Our socks are a result of over 2 years of product development, 145 prototypes, expert analysis from Olympic athletes, vascular specialists and podiastrists, and wear-tested on all walks of life. This level of testing allowed us to develop our ”sweet spot” of compression, a range of graduated compression designated to wear every day, for all people. At Comrad, we use only the highest quality materials from the most certified suppliers in the world. We don't believe in giving you anything less than perfect. Our socks are made for you, to improve circulation, amplify your recovery, reduce soreness, and help prevent swelling and general discomfort.

Putting your socks on as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Reach into the inside of the sock and grab the heel pocket. While holding the heel, turn the sock inside out to create a small pocket.
Point your toes and place your foot inside the small pocket. Gently grab the top band and pull it up onto the rest of your foot and over your heel and calf.
Grab the cuff of the sock and gently pull upward to cover the rest of your leg, must fall below your knees.