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Person wearing Comrad Navy Knee-High Compression socks with their feet in the air against a cloud backdrop

Our Story

For too long, compression socks have been misunderstood. Thought too ugly or too tight, ill-fitting and itchy. Reserved to be worn by the elderly or elite athletes. Comrad began as a way to disrupt these stereotypes to show that everyone can benefit from the power of compression to feel their best and conquer their day, every day.

Compression with Compassion

We are conscious of our impact on the planet. Our manufacturing facility has been family-owned and operated for over 20 years. Our packaging is produced by a vertically-integrated Bluesign systems partner, and 80% of all water used to dye our yarns is recycled using reverse osmosis.

Perfect Takes Practice

We have a passion for product development. Fun fact: we tested 145 prototypes over 2 years—variations of fabric, function, design, and compression—before landing on our first product, the Companions.

Made to Last

Guaranteed you’ll lose our socks before they wear out. Our Antimicrobial SmartSilver technology kills bacteria and prevents odor, which means less washes and longer-lasting socks.

Andrew Ferenci
Photo of Founder & CEO Andrew Ferenci against a red backdrop
In 2016, Andrew was an overworked entrepreneur who spent most of his days at his desk, on his feet around town, or on cross-country flights. His feet were constantly tired, aching, and swollen. When he mentioned it to his doctor, she suggested he wear graduated compression socks.

His swelling and pain vanished immediately. The problem: the socks were ugly, expensive, and uncomfortable. Comrad was created to find a solution—comfortable and stylish everyday socks with all the benefits of graduated compression.

You Deserve This

It's time to start feeling your best.