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We strive to keep life flowing — supporting your body to stay energized each and every day.

The Story of Comrad

As your average overworked guy who spent most of his days in a cramped cubicle or even-more-cramped airplane seat, Comrad founder Andrew Ferenci never thought of his business job as “life or death.” After his friend who was a registered nurse heard him complain about his tired body, stiff back and aching feet, and told him that he was also at risk for blood clots due to all the sitting (it had happened to their friend), she recommended compression socks. It was solution so simple and easy Andrew figured it was worth trying. Though he had only associated them with ultra-athletes needing to boost performance and his grandmother's need to tend to varicose veins, he was quickly impressed with improved circulation and overall health. Long story short? They worked. So, Andrew went out to make the most technical, comfortable, and stylish socks in the game - Comrad was born.

Why Are Compression Socks the Greatest?

We could give you a lot of scientific, medical, and athletic jargon about why these socks are the best thing you can put on your body each morning. By squeezing the leg tissues and walls of the veins on your feet, compression socks help blood in the veins return to the heart, which helps all aspects of your health. Compression socks also support the movement of the lymph fluid (from your lymphatic system) that bathes the cells in your body and gives them the support they need to help your body perform at its best.

What Makes Comrad Companion Socks Different?

There is no sock out there that has been so lovingly and technically designed to support your feet and look good doing it - at an affordable price. Most compression socks on the market are expensive, too tight, and unattractive. And the alternative - a plain cotton or wool sock - isn’t versatile enough to get the job done for your life on the go. With Comrad, you get the best of all worlds: the comfort and style of a dress sock, the moisture wicking, antimicrobial support of an athletic sock, and the health benefits of a compression sock. From the office, to a wedding, to post workout, Comrad Companion socks are the ultimate sock for everyday, athletic wear, and special occasions.