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Seriously comfortable compression socks designed for more comfortable flights.

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Studies have shown thatwearing compression socksduring flights reduces swelling of the legs and feet and prevents blood clots.

What Experts Say About Compression Socks for Travel

“Long a medical necessity for some pregnant women and others...the tights are now beginning to come into vogue among stylish women who sit on uncomfortably small airplane seats during long-haul travel.”

“Athletes of all ages should wear them religiously on planes, post-race, to ward off blood clots caused by excess blood pooling in ankles and feet...they’re like 'a new form of well-being or recovery.”

“They can help prevent swelling in the foot, ankle, and lower leg…during any period of prolonged sitting…Your leg muscles don't contract, which normally helps push blood back toward the heart. As a result, blood and fluid tend to pool in the lower legs.”

The World’s
Most Comfortable
Compression Socks

The World’s Most Comfortable Compression Socks

Cushioned Heel + Toe

All-day softness and comfort

All-day softness and comfort


Superior ventilation
for sweat-free feet

Superior ventilation for sweat-free feet

Stay-up Cuff

Never slides down your leg

Never slides down your leg

Verified Reviews From Our Community

“Super comfortable on flights! No more restless legs flying...I landed energized and ready to go after my 6-hour flight!”

Erin from New York, New York

“Love these socks. I’m an avid support sock wearer for long haul flights. [The other] pair I bought at the airport in Sydney cost $55 and they bunched at the ankles! Not only that but the great colors make sure I don’t lose them in the wash.”

Sarah from Austin, Texas

“These do live up to the hype, I've worn them on 5+ hour flights and they do minimize swelling. Plus, once you have them on, they're comfortable.”

Robert from Seattle,WA

“Love these socks! My first pair had a seam that unraveled but immediately after I had contacted customer service, they helped me get a new pair and were awesome about it. Super happy with the purchase—I usually get super swollen feet and ankles on flights but not when I wear these socks.”

Shelley from Venice, CA

“I wore these during 24 hours of travel internationally, that included 3 flights. They kept my legs and feet from getting tired a swellingup like balloons. They also kept my feet nice and warm and I am always freezing in flight.Definitely recommend.”

Jillian from Plymouth,MN

“I just completed nearly 24 hours of travel: 4h in a car, and 20h in airplane flights to get myself to Australia. These socks did exactly what Iwas hoping. They provided the support and relief to my legs and feet. No swelling, and I'm ready to hit the ground running.”

Tracy from San Francisco, CA