Compression socks have undergone a transformation in recent years. While formerly only available as tight, white, medical stockings, they have evolved into the ultimate travel essential. From frequent flyers to those heading out on a long vacation, compression socks are beginning to be recognized as a must-have product for anyone who wants to travel in comfort and style. 

Here at Comrad, we are on a mission to bring you comfortable and stylish compression socks at an affordable price, keeping your legs and feet healthy – and looking good – during all stages of your journey.


What Are Compression Socks & How Do They Work? 

Compression socks are your latest travel essential. They are specifically designed to promote blood circulation around the body by squeezing the tissues and veins in your feet. They are designed to prevent leg swelling and pain by encouraging blood from the legs and feet to return to your heart.


Why Are Compression Socks Great for Traveling?

Compression socks provide a number of benefits for travelers. They are essential on long haul flights, because being immobile for long periods of time can increase the risk of circulation problems and swelling. Because compression socks squeeze the vein walls on your feet and encourage blood circulation, they reduce the risk of swelling and blood clots. The risk of DVT, or deep vein thrombosis, can be lowered by wearing them on your next flight

Traveling isn’t just sitting on an airplane – there’s the transfers, rushing around airports, and a lot of walking when you get to your destination involved. Compression socks can aid you in the whole travel experience by stopping your legs aching. They also promote muscle recovery, meaning that after a long day on your feet you’ll be ready to go again the next day. 

There are also practical reasons that make compression socks great for traveling. At Comrad, we design products that you'll want to show off, and you can wear them for every occasion. From walking around a new city to a fancy dinner, you'll want to wear our socks, so you can save precious space in your suitcase by including a few pairs of compression socks rather than different ones for every occasion.


Comrad’s Best Compression Socks for Traveling

Here we take a look at the very best compression socks for traveling from our extensive stylish and affordable range. Whether it’s a short business trip or a family vacation, we’ve got you covered with our collection of compression socks for traveling. 

Companion Compression Socks | Holiday 3-Pack Rudolph Kit

The Holiday 3-Pack Rudolph Kit includes 3 pairs of Companion compression socks. They have been specially designed to provide comfort, odor reduction, and to reduce swelling and pain in the legs and feet. The toe and heel cushioning make them extra comfy for travel, while the Slide-Free™ cuff stops them sliding down and keeps them in place. These socks could benefit you on your next trip, and come with a number of travel accessories to ensure that your journey is relaxing and comfortable.

The Rudolph Kit contains enough compression socks for your outward and homebound journey, plus an extra pair to keep you comfortable as you explore your destination. An added bonus is that you can wear our socks 3-5 before they'll need washing, so this set would be perfect even for a longer trip.

This pack comes with a travel packing cube, headphone divider, foam earplugs, and an eye-mask. As this is one of our best-selling travel packs, you can have confidence in the quality of all the products included. The sleep mask is easy to wear and will ensure that you get well-need rest, whether on a flight, transfer, or at a hotel, while the earplugs come with their own case to keep them safe and clean.

Companion Compression Socks | Travel Kit 4-Pack Limited Edition

This stylish travel pack is perfect for your next vacation. With four sleek sock designs, including the limited-edition Blue Ombre print, you'll have stylish and pain-free feet for your whole trip. The fun and contemporary designs will bring a splash of color to your traveling outfits, while keeping swelling and pain at bay.

Like the Rudolph Kit, the Travel Kit 4-Pack includes our new travel packing cube, which helps you save space in your suitcase and keep items together. Meanwhile, the addition of other travel essentials - a sleep mask, earplugs and headphone splitter - will ensure that you travel in style and comfort. This travel set is a great purchase for regular travelers, as well as for those looking for extra comfort on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Companion Compression Socks | Holiday 3-Pack Dancer Kit

Here at Comrad, we understand that one size simply doesn’t fit all. This set is from out ‘wide calf size’ range, designed for those who have found in the past that compression socks can feel just too tight around the calf. This kit focuses on comfort, and aims to make travel less painful for you. The socks won't cut in to your skin, will stay in place, and don't retain any nasty odors or moisture. You receive 3 designs - one plain color and two striped - offering variation alongside classic style.

The Holiday 3-Pack Dancer Kit includes 3 pairs of our Companion compression socks – our best-selling product, and like all of our travel kits, also contains other travel essentials for your trip. It includes an eye mask, headphone splitter, travel packing cube, and foam earplugs. 

Be prepared for your next vacation and make packing extra easy with our Holiday Kit.

Companion Compression Socks | Muted Rose/Indigo Stripe

This single pair of Companion compression socks comes in one of our best-selling designs, and they are suitable for both men and women. Like all of our products, they are perfect for travel and offer all of the same benefits as the socks included in our travel packs.

Priced at just $21, you can't go wrong with our striped compression socks in muted rose. Knee-high in length, they are supportive and remarkably comfortable, and can be worn up to 5 times before the need for washing. These socks are soft against the skin, and the flexible nylon and spandex blend is able to contour to the feet and legs. The lab-tested 15-25mmHg compression is the optimum level for travel, promoting both health and comfort.

This versatile product is a must-have for your next weekend break: stay stylish while improving your circulation with these awesome socks.

Companion Compression Socks | Mystery 4-Pack

Ready to travel in style on your next trip, but just can’t choose from our range of prints and designs? We’ve got your back. Our Mystery 4-Pack of socks contains two of our Companion compression socks, and two limited edition styles. You can still choose the size to ensure the perfect fit.

All the pairs that are included in this pack have the same 15-25mmHg graduated compression as all of our socks, and there’s enough to keep you going for your whole trip or vacation. Easy to pack and long-lasting products, you won't want to travel without your Mystery 4-Pack from Comrad.

At $59 for four pairs, this product shows real value for money and offers all of the benefits of quality compression socks.

The Benefits of Compression Socks for Traveling 

  • Improve Circulation: Wearing compression socks helps to improve your circulation, which reduces the risk of a number of health issues, including DVT, swelling, and clotting.
  • Reduce Sweat and Odors: The antimicrobial properties of compression socks, and moisture absorption both reduce sweat and odors. Comrad's products are made with an antimicrobial and naturally odor-free blend of real silver, keeping your feet fresh and clean. With our products, you can take your shoes off on a flight without the worry of any embarrassing odors.
  • Extreme Comfort: Who wants to be uncomfortable while they are on a long-haul flight, or walking around a city? Compression socks are comfortable to wear and protect your feet, making them an essential travel accessory. 
  • Reduce Pain: Travel can be hard on the feet and legs. With compression socks, you can be sure that the pain associated with travel, like swollen feet on airplane flights, long train journeys, or road tripping across the country, will be banished.


Buy Our Best Compression Socks for Traveling Today 

At Comrad, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and our range of sizes and designs will help you to find a product to suit all of your requirements. All of the socks in our collection offer you the health benefits of compression socks, the comfort of every-day socks, the style of dress socks, and the support and moisture absorbing of athletic socks. 

Our products are changing the way people travel in terms of comfort, style, and health. From over 1500 reviews, 98% of customers would recommend our products to a friend. For healthier and happier feet when traveling, take a look at our products recommended for travelers.