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Compression Sock Packs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can I wear my socks?

    You can wear compression socks all day, every day. They're intended to be worn for long periods of time—whether you're working a night shift, traveling, recovering, or sitting at a desk all day. Learn more

    How do compression socks work?

    Compression therapy works by squeezing the veins in your legs and feet, making them narrower, which helps blood flow up the legs toward the heart. It works naturally to reduce swelling, energize legs, and prevent dangerous circulatory conditions and blood clots. Learn more

    What level of compression do I need?

    The answer to this question depends on your goals. If you're new to compression and looking for a little support we recommend starting with 15-20mmHg. If you're experiencing moderate swelling and pain, we recommend 20-30mmHg. Check out our fit guide here Learn more

    When should I wear compression socks?

    Everyone can benefit from increasing circulation. A strong vascular system helps your blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells and help your heart stay healthy. One easy way to improve your circulation is through compression therapy. Learn more

    Who should wear compression socks?

    People with or at risk for circulation problems like edema or varicose veins
    +People who've just had surgery
    +People who stand all day at work
    +Pregnant women
    +People who spend long stretches of time on airplanes