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Men's Compression Socks

Compressions socks for men. Designed for travel, work, running, & everyday wear.
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  • Medium Wide Calf
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  • Large Wide Calf
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  • Knee-High
  • Crew
  • Ankle
  • Tab
  • No Show
  • Sleeve

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  • Small
  • Medium
  • Medium Wide Calf
  • Large
  • Large Wide Calf
  • Extra Large


  • 10-15 mmHg
  • 15-20 mmHg
  • 20-30 mmHg
  • Targeted


  • Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Cozy
  • CloudCotton
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Wool

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Knee-High Compression Socks


Knee-High Compression Socks


Recycled Cotton Compression Socks


Ankle Compression Socks


Knee-High Compression Socks
Solid (20-30 mmHg)


Athletic Knee High Compression Sock


Calf Compression Sleeve


Athletic Tab Running Socks


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which compression socks are best for men to wear?

What if my calves are larger than average?

Do compression socks help with exercise-related recovery?

The studies above suggest that compression therapy leads to more efficient recovery and better subsequent athletic performance, but the experiments still leave us with some important questions. Learn more

Are compression socks good for hiking and/or running?

Fans of compression therapy claim that it shortens their recovery period and helps them to prevent injuries. After reading all the stellar reviews from professional and semi-pro athletes, you may be wondering how compression works and what exactly it can do to improve your running. In this article, we'll try to separate the fact from the fiction:Learn more

Is there a difference in compressions socks for men vs for women?

No, there is not a difference in compression socks for men vs. women. The difference is in your compression goals and the specific uses day to day of the socks. Learn more