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Not Your Grandma’s Socks

There’s probably an image that comes to mind when you think of compression socks. It’s likely dull and utilitarian. Which makes sense, considering compression socks of the past. What if things are different now? What if compression looks cooler than it used to?

New look

Men's compression socks and women's compression socks have typically had one thing in common - they were plain. They got the job done. They provided compression - pressure designed to stop blood from pooling in the legs and causing damage to veins.  Now compression socks have a new image. They’re attractive and stylish. Choose from a range of colors and prints. Guess what? They now look more department store than drugstore.

Match a pair of colored socks with a color from your outfit. Maybe you’d like your jewelry and socks to match. Easy! Perhaps your outfit is all solid colors and you’d like a sock with a flashy print to break up the boredom. We have it! You might need a sock in a plain color to blend in with your outfit. You’ll find that here, too. Compression socks don’t have to be the ugly duckling of your outfit. They can blend right in, with a range of colors. They look like regular socks, but they’re so much more.

Grandma’s compression

They still work the same as the circulation socks you’re accustomed to. Graduated compression delivers pressure where you need it most - at the ankles - and is gradually less constrictive as it goes up the leg. Avoid spider veins and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis with pressure socks. Grandmas know what they’re doing by wearing them - they’re good for legs and circulation. But technology has brought compression socks an updated look. Why not have the best, most stylish version? In fact, grab a few for Grandma to try!

Go incognito

Since these socks look like any other sock, nobody knows they’re there for health purposes. Part of being stylish is looking effortless, and a cute pair of striped or patterned socks says, “I was in the mood for these today.” These aren’t the gauze-y looking leg stockings of yesterday. They’re the style and technology of today.

Ageless results

You may have associated compression socks with aging until you decided to try them for your work day or athletic activity. You may have even laughed at first, thinking of them as something you weren’t “ready for.” But they’re for everyone. If you’re on your feet a lot, they’re for you. If you have to sit for long periods of time without being able to move (international flights, anyone?), they’re for you. If your legs tend to be painful and swollen at the end of the day, they’re for you. And with our multitude of choices, you’ll find compression socks for you.

Get some socks for Grandma

She wants color and style in her life, too. Grandmas have the best stories. You know she never wore plain and boring things back in the day. And she’d like the best compression socks for herself too. Whether she’s sitting at the slot machine or taking a walking tour, colorful socks will make her day. You can use them to bribe her for family recipes or as a Mother’s Day gift.

Cute factor

A lot of our designs are youthful and fun. Take the stigma out of compression socks and enjoy their playful spirit. You’ll feel more playful, too, with legs that fatigue less easily and don’t swell. Lack of swelling will put a spring in your step, whether working or playing. You’ll feel as young as our socks look.

Quick on your feet

These socks help prevent post-workout pain. Running, cross-training, tennis, and other sporting activities are improved by wearing compression socks. Enter that race, run for that ball, and join that softball league. We have your post-fun pain prevention, and it looks modern. Athletes have always encouraged worn what they needed to perform at their best, and it’s fun to have colorful choices for your lower leg compression.

Days That Don’t Need To Stop

Life moves fast. There’s a lot to fit in. By wearing compression socks during your workday, you keep legs from becoming fatigued. You can enjoy your after-hours and not be stuck on the couch massaging sore legs. Say yes to invitations, get out and try new things. With compression that looks cute and choices that go with any kind of outfit, you’re in good shape.

Busy Work Days

A lot of jobs have you on your feet, in a fast-paced environment. Compression socks reduce your chances of getting spider veins or varicose veins. That means when you do get that well-deserved day at the beach, your legs are free from vein-related blemishes. Compression socks have come a long way, starting originally as wraps and bandages that were used to give compression. Thank goodness you don’t have to wrap your legs, a process that sounds tricky and time-consuming. The pressure you need comes in the form of socks. Consider our stylish options as an even further advancement - you get the look and the venous health benefit.


Travel has changed a lot since your grandma was young, and in some ways it hasn’t. Airplane travel continues to be cramped and hectic. Flight socks give your legs the pressure they need, and ease your worry of blood clots - pressure you don’t need. Grandmothers everywhere are all about prevention, and if you can do it in stylish new varieties of socks, it’s even better. Put on your compression socks, enjoy their firm embrace, and reminisce about a time when flying was more of an event and less of a chore.

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