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How Compression Socks Can Help through Menopause

From rising hot flashes to plummeting libido, the nuisances of menopause can feel all-consuming and unpredictable. But even small lifestyle changes can help keep those challenges in check. Compression socks, for example, are a straightforward way to manage some of menopause’s most uncomfortable moments—and these days, you’re not limited to the itchy white knee-highs of yore. 

Graduated compression socks, like those from California-based Comrad, fit tightest in the ankles and apply less pressure as they go higher up your calves, promoting better blood flow without the uncomfortable indentations of their more dated counterparts. A wide selection of colors, cuts, and fabrics offer plenty of customization, too. The right pair can improve your form as a runner, help you unwind after a long day, or even jump-start your sex life. With the myriad of health benefits associated with compression therapy, upgrading your sock drawer just might be your ticket to a more manageable menopause. Here are five reasons why. 

Support Your Joints 

As your estrogen levels decline, it’s common to experience increased inflammation in your joints. Stiffness, aches, and occasional swelling are completely normal (and no, it’s not necessarily arthritis), but that doesn’t mean you have to live with discomfort forever. For relief, try using compression socks to apply gentle pressure to your joints, which reduces swelling and minimizes pain by promoting healthy blood flow. The compression eliminates fluid build-up and helps oxygen reach muscles throughout your body—both crucial factors in pain management.  

Reduce Hot Flashes 

While the exact cause of menopausal hot flashes is unknown, encouraging healthy circulation can go a long way in regulating your body temperature. Compression socks maintain blood flow by applying light pressure to your lower body, which can promote oxygen distribution and keep you humming along at a comfortable temperature. Deliver a one-two punch by combining compression footwear with a natural supplement: The Core, by Kindra, offers additional blood flow regulation courtesy of super-antioxidant Pycnogenol®, a pine bark extract that increases heart-healthy nitric oxide production.

Increase Your Libido

Yes, wearing socks in bed can make things sexier between the sheets.  Compression socks increase blood flow to your whole body, including your sexual organs—which can facilitate better orgasms. A 2005 study in the Netherlands found that couples who wore socks during the deed were significantly more likely to climax, with 80% of those with socks achieving orgasm compared to 50% of those who went barefoot. Look for a pair that blends breathable comfort with laid-back style: We like the speckled colorways of Comrad’s recycled cotton compression socks, which offer the look and feel of a cozy sweater and comfortably promote blood circulation without leaving unsightly marks.

Prioritize Exercise (and Recovery!)

There’s no denying the importance of exercise, especially during your menopausal years. Integrating daily movement into your routine can improve your mood, strengthen your bones, and reduce your risk of disease, all on top of helping you maintain a healthy weight. Compression socks keep you in the game, reducing your risk of injury during a workout and avoiding muscle soreness afterward. Runners who wear them may notice a more energized lower body, improved form, and reduced fatigue thanks to faster oxygen delivery. Shin splints and cramps will decline, too. And some products, like Comrad’s Allies compression ankle socks, even offer arch and Achilles support—a big relief for those with chronic foot problems. Regardless of your chosen activity, the graduated compression in knee-high socks can help break up lactic acid, keeping post-workout soreness to a minimum and empowering you to get back out there. 

Sleep Better

As bedtime approaches, your natural melatonin production increases and your core body temperature drops. Wearing compression socks as you unwind (note that they are not recommended for overnight use) can promote blood flow to your hands and feet, accelerating the body’s cool-down process and reducing swelling or joint pain in the process. For more assistance in achieving a full night’s rest, combine regular compression therapy with a natural supplement. Kindra’s Sleep-Enhancing supplements include stress-busting Ashwagandha as well as low-dose melatonin, helping you doze off quickly and sleep soundly until morning.

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