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360° Compression Arch Support.
Designed to perform.

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360° Compression Arch Support.
Designed to perform.

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Knee-High Compression Socks

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Why Wear Compression Socks?

Pain Relief

All-Day Comfort

Keep Brain Sharp

More Energy

Increase Circulation

Recover Faster

Everyday Compression

15-20 mmHg True Graduated Compression for all-day energy, support & comfort.

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Medical Compression

20-30 mmHg for preventing & treating moderate to severe conditions.

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Knee-High Compression Socks


CloudCotton Compression Socks


CloudCotton Compression Socks


Knee-High Compression Socks
Double-Dip Ombre


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Recovery Knee High Compression Socks


What Are

Compression Socks?

Compression socks (or compression stockings) are clinically proven, snug-fitting socks designed to gently put a specific level of pressure on your legs. This pressure boosts & improves circulation, which leads to feeling more energized while minimizing the chance of circulation problems, varicose veins, blood clots, inflammation, swelling, & general discomfort.

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Calf Compression Sleeve


Recovery Knee High Compression Socks


The best compression socks for everyday wear

"You need these socks with benefits"

"The comfort of a dress sock, the support of an athletic sock and the health benefits of compression"

"Proven to prevent muscle soreness"

"A life changing thing to try"

"Perfect for sitting at a desk all-day or working out"

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Socks Backed by Science 🧬

We use lab-tested True Graduated Compression™ in our socks. Clinical research has shown that graduated compression increases circulation preventing swelling, soreness, and inflammation of the legs and feet. Get all the benefits of compression socks today!

<p><strong>Karlie Kloss</strong> wears Comrad for <em>More Energy</em></p>

Karlie Kloss wears Comrad for More Energy

"On a flight, before and after a sweat sesh, in between meetings and whenever I’m on the go, Comrad socks are a must. These compression socks come with me everywhere (really, they’ve flown around the world with me).

<p><strong>Tianna Bartoletta</strong> wears Comrad for <em>Recovery</em></p>

Tianna Bartoletta wears Comrad for Recovery

"They keep my legs feeling fresh after long days, travel and hard workouts. I want to be in the position to be at my best at all times."

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<p><strong>Zach Liporace</strong> wears Comrad for <em>All-Day Comfort</em></p>

Zach Liporace wears Comrad for All-Day Comfort

"I'm on my feet for 14 hours a day and Comrad is honestly the best hack to keeping me energized and my legs fresh and feet comfortable. It's been a game changer."

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<p><b>Lauren Kleinman</b> wears Comrad for <i>Pain Relief</i></p>

Lauren Kleinman wears Comrad for Pain Relief

"Comrad compression socks saved me in pregnancy, helping energize my legs and relieve pain and discomfort that is so common for mamas-to-be. They’re also discreet—no one knew these cute socks were compression socks."

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