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Reviews for Comrad Compression Socks
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Style with comfort= win win

Typically I wear compression sleeves.. and when Andrew’s dad stopped by the hospital unit I work in and was talking about the socks.. I ordered some! The fit is perfect and support is just what I need!!

Yes very much

Will buy more save my legs on the long rides I go on so glad I got them

The perfect sock for everything

I replaced my sock drawer with Companions because they are really fantastic for travel and work. I fly constantly and I always feel refreshed after wearing them on the plane. Even better I'll wear them right to my next meeting and then to the gym! Great quality, stylish and they stay up.

Super supportive socks when on feet all day

It's amazing when a company can introduce you to a new product that you never knew existed. I manage a catering company and my legs are always sore by the end of the day. These socks are truly my all day companions!

Best support socks you can buy!!

Comrad was the third brand of compression socks I have tried since developing neuropathy in my left lower leg after an ankle surgery. They fit the best and are just the right amount of compression. I highly recommend them.

Highly recommended

Really amazin socks no doubt!

Fly with these socks

I'm a notorious plane sleeper and I wake up with swollen feet. With these socks, I was able to reduce swelling and sleep tight. Will be using them again shortly. Love the colors!

Great socks for work

Never expected to switch from the standard dark work socks I wear with a suit, but comrad changed my mind. Thanks a lot.


Great socks! I like that they are thicker and more substantial than the stocking-like ones I had previously from Duane Reade. The colors are nice, overall like that it feels like I'm wearing snazzy (but not attention grabbing) socks rather than something medical.

Real tight

Compression all day long

Sílvia Pimenta

I've tried the socks on my ER shift and I couldn't be happier about the quality and design! Definitely I'll order another pair!

Perfect compression socks

Love these! Super soft and just right about of compression


Very satisfied with this product & the cost.

Love my socks!

I wore them on a recent flight and skied early the next day. Game changer!

a perfect sock for running and travel. Also they don't smell!

I bought a 3 pairs after my friend starting raving about them and I really like them when I go for long runs and when I'm traveling (my ankles always swell up). One cool feature is that they don't smell after I wear them.

compression socks

I get bouts of vasculitis and I had socks which the VA gave to me but the toes of these socks were so tight that I had to quit wearing them. I ordered these comrad socks off their site to give them a try and they have a nice comfortable toe area that does not constrict like the other ones I had. Also the compression from behind the toe box is nice and tight like they should be reducing pain to almost nothing. These are a nice heavy knit and should last a long time if cared for properly. I love them!!!


The socks were comfortable and fit well.

Love these socks

Great compression socks, I wear them in the OR and my feet feel great after 12 hour days. The compression is just enough and the fabric is super soft

I love these socks! Great for everything

I started wearing these for my flights and my legs feel really fresh when I get off the plane but I also started wearing them to work and the gym. All-around great product :)

perfect socks

loved them perfect for my nursing life.


Companion Compression Socks | Black Dip Dye

RLS cure

My brother in law got me these, and they’ve been a lifesaver in my pregnancy. In the evening I get restless leg syndrome, and it drives me insane. Wearing these for a few hours before bed has been the ONLY thing that has helped!

as advertised

The socks are as great as advertised. Immediately the favorite atop my sock drawer.

Game changer

I'm new to the compression sock game and can safely say that after 2+ weeks of wearing my Companions throughout the day, I feel naked without them on. I'm in outside sales so on my feet a lot and occasionally have sore feet after a busy day - not the case when I wear these bad boys throughout the day. The antimicrobial treatment is awesome - I've worn these a few days in a row and they still smell like they're just out of the wash. And they look & feel great, too.

Very comfy and wonderful designs

I ordered two pair of compression socks to try out after tried several other brands. This brand is by far the best for comfort and style. The band around the leg is a little snug so I might try to larger fit that they offer. All-in-all, I'm very satisfied.

Can I say that these socks changed my life?

I work in clinic sometimes on 10 hour shifts and these socks seriously support my legs and feet. By the end of the day I feel like I could easily do a spin class. Highly recommended if you're on your feet.

quality meets affordability

I like compression socks but 15-20mmhg ones from jobst are way too expensive. These are better and far more comfortable

Amazing design and quality.

Very easy to put on with the youtube video. I was nervous about ordering online but these guys really made it easy to order compression socks online

Took some getting used to

The socks were really tight at first but after wearing for a week they start to grow on you!

Compression is Amazin

Wasnt a compression sock wearer until now. I'm hooked! Legs feel more energized during long hours at my standing desk.

The Perfect Sock IMHO

Ok so the companions are really comfortable and the compression level is perfect. Even better the antimicrobial makes my feet smell like flowers (well not flowers but they don't stink at all).

Where have these socks been all my life!?

first off super speedy delivery. The unboxing experience was super impressive for socks! I like to run half marathons but always have to buy 2XU compression socks and they are $40+ Comrads work for running but also I've worn them to work and they are stylish. Really love them.

These are perfect for long flights

I was looking for a good compression sock for travel because I'm on my laptop for most flights and don't like getting up but my feet swell like balloons. These socks are great will buy more soon.

Great socks.but

I had always bought Sigvaris compression socks but wanted to try Comrad compression because my friend referred me. The compression of 15-25 is tighter than I'm used to and sometimes can feel too tight. Overtime my body adjusted and now I'm good with them.

Great Product!

These are really premium feeling socks. Will wear to work and workouts daily.

Great Customer Service

The Comrad team really took care of me. I ordered a size too small and they quickly processed exchange.

They contour to your legs and feet nicely

I was worried because I have bigger calfs but they ended up providing a really snug fit and formed nicely over time.


Great for my daily use....big relief for my leg pain...thanks!

Best gift!

Bought these for my dad for Christmas and he is obsessed. He spends much of his day in his car for business and has noticed a great improvement in circulation and energy.

These Socks Rock

Absolutely love these socks! They’re super comfy and not hard to put on! But they give me nice compression even through 16 hour shifts!

Nice socks for travel

My daughter wore these for her 15 hour flight to Dubai. She liked the color and design better than the support hose one gets in the pharmacy/medical supply stores. A size medium fit her well. She wears a size 8.5 shoe.

Best socks ever

My legs never felt so good I feel like I’m getting a massage all day and my feet don’t swell anymore thank you for making such a great product

Love them so I ordered more

These socks are so great I ordered more so I can wear them every day

Best Socks Ever

Comrad socks seriously changed my day-to-day life for the better and I will never be going back to anything else. These are the best and most comfortable socks I've ever tried. They're perfect for work, working out, or even dressing up.

I would hate when other socks fell down or lost their elasticity, hanging around my mid-calf, but Comrad socks sit snug above the calf and don't move even when active all day. I couldn't be happier with my Comrad socks and I plan to buy many more.

More Large's please! My dogs are barking.

Perfect Sock

Loved my order so much, I immediately ordered another pair in black for my wedding!

Didn't know I was wearing them

I've never been able to stand compression stockings but as a nurse who is on her feet for 12 hours I knew the importance of wearing them. I've bought a few different kinds. Some have been awful and some have been tolerable but this is the first pair that I haven't even thought about while wearing. I literally put them on and forget about them. It's great!


Awesome...nothing less.

Love these socks

I never send in reviews but making an exception because I love these socks!
I don’t want to wear anything else. My legs feel energized and comfortable all day

Great for Travel

Wore these on an international flight and loved them

Socks and Corporate

the socks are fine but the emails are killing me---And who runs out of size small before Christmas??