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Not your average socks. We spent two years developing smart socks with all-day comfort, style, and certified health benefits.

Never Go Without

When to Wear Compression socks? Always. Comrad was created to be the perfect go-to sock for every occasion. The sleek design and conforming fit fits with any shoe and attire, giving you an extra boost of energy from the office to a trail run to your best friend’s wedding.

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Comrad Takes Flight

It’s a fact that wearing compression socks during any length of flight helps keep your blood circulating. Not only will this help you combat jet-lag and fatigue, but studies show this reduces serious health risks such as blood clots. Comrad works by applying graduated pressure to your lower legs, which pumps your blood and oxygen around that area and to your heart so you can fly safely.

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The Perfect Workout Buddy

Compression Socks increase blood circulation, which energizes and relieves swollen, achy and fatigued legs and feet. Whether you are running a marathon or just running out the door to catch the bus, you’ll feel better and recover faster with Comrad.

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Pregnant and Proud

Throughout our day to day lives, the normal blood flow in our legs is disrupted due to long periods of standing or sitting. This is amplified when you are an expecting mother - causing swelling, discomfort or serious health risks to you and your baby. Comrad gives you the support and style you need to stay healthy and happy while you.

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Slide-free cuff
keeps sock in place
all day long

Graduated compression
increases circulation

Cushioned toe and
heel for all day wear

Regulate temperature,
wick moisture, and
minimize odor

Smart fabric ensures fit
for any activity - work,
travel, or exercise

Seamless toe
design for extra