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Our Mission

Our mission is to make your feet feel like magic. We strive to make the highest quality socks that make you look good and feel better - without harming the Earth in the process.

Feel the Magic of Happy Feet

At Comrad, we had a dream of ending our day with the same energy that we started with. Our dream was to create a sock that would support us sitting, walking, standing, running, or flying. The result? Socks that make you look good and feel better, for life on the go.

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Truly Technical Fabrics

We apply the most innovative technology to our socks. Our unique certified true graduated compression technology is woven into our premium fabric socks. From using a naturally odorless, antimicrobial blend of real silver, to creating a cushioned, antimicrobial toe and heel, our team of scientists made sure this was the best sock you can wear, plain and simple.

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Sustainable & Ethical

Our manufacturing facility has been family owned and operated for 20 years and meets the highest standards for safety and employee satisfaction. 80% of all water used to dye our yarn is recycled using reverse osmosis. With our reusable and recyclable packaging, we stand by our sustainable socks - from our factory, to your feet.

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