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How Compression Socks Can Improve Body and Mind

The best beauty habits are ones you do regularly. If you wear compression socks every day, you’ll always remember them.

State of mind

Compression socks, in addition to helping prevent blood clots, help keep legs from getting fatigued. If you feel good, you look good. Taking care of your body, an act of self-care, is good for your mental health. Cheery bright socks and flashy patterns add to the positive vibes. Pair these cute socks with your favorite shoes - there are enough sock choices that you can find one to go with anything. If shoes are the favorite part of your outfit, let the best compression socks help show them off. In the past, compression socks didn’t offer as many choices, and they’d be the last thought on your mind when thinking of what to pair with your shoes. Not so anymore - we have what you like.


Putting on compression socks is easy, but it’s best to do it before you paint your nails or put on rings that could snag the fabric. Nails can take hours to fully dry, so it’s best not to chance it. Once they’re on, you’ll be wearing your socks all day. You could even match your nails to your socks!

You want your feet to be completely dry before you put on pressure socks. If they’re sweaty, try using talcum powder to keep them dry.

Keep feet hydrated

Moisturize your feet daily. It’s probably best to do this in the evening before bed (compression socks are not worn at night). A heavy, buttery lotion is ideal, or you could try Vaseline. This is a good time to moisturize your legs, as well. Because lots of people find that circulation socks reduce fatigue and swelling, your legs shouldn’t be sore.

You want your feet to be completely dry before you put on pressure socks. If they’re sweaty, try using talcum powder to keep them dry.

Bath Time and Sleeping

Compression socks aren’t worn while you shower or sleep. This is a good time to take a quick look at your feet to see if they look healthy. A quick foot massage feels good. Clench and unclench your toes, which may have held tension throughout the day.

Bye bye blemishes

Compression socks help prevent spider veins and varicose veins. If you already have them, they can be covered up with full-coverage concealer. A palette of various concealer shades is ideal for this - you can mix colors to get the shade you want. Put down a layer of yellow-toned concealer to start. Yellow cancels out the purple tones of the veins. Then layer on top of that a color that matches your skin exactly. Tap it to press it into the skin, and set it with some powder. It’s a lot of effort to do this daily, but it’s nice to know you have the option for special occasions.

Colorful Face

Makeup is more colorful than ever. You’ve probably seen some of the latest bold looks in magazines or on celebrities. It’s a fun way to add color.

Colorful eye makeup requires a skilled hand, so practice by watching video tutorials. Colored eyeliners and glittery eyelids are all over. By practicing, you’ll make sure you don’t get them allover! Glam makeup pairs just fine with our compression socks, which are now just as modern as the latest eye shadow palette!

The quickest and easiest way to add color is with bold lipstick. Pick a warm or cool color, depending on your skin tone. For instance, if you’re warm, you might choose a brick red. If you’re cool, go with a pink that has blue undertones. If you’re neutral, go with a shade in between the two. Whichever one makes your skin appear to glow and your eyes pop is probably the right choice. Since you have a lot of colorful sock choices, have fun with color choices on your face!

Hair setting? - Get moving!:

As you’re waiting for your hair to dry, or your face moisturizer to sink in, take a moment to do some stretches. Ankle rotations are recommended for good circulation. If you do a lot of sitting and/or have risk factors for deep vein thrombosis, you have probably been advised to do these on a regular basis, along with wearing circulation socks. Start your day off with them to get blood flowing and help wake you up.

A lot of beauty routines involve waiting a minute or so between steps. For instance, it’s recommended that you allow SPF products time to settle before putting makeup on top of them. If you get in the habit of doing something during that time, it won’t feel wasted.

Healthy is beautiful

Avoid illness and injury by paying attention to your body. A beauty routine is simply that: paying attention to your body. You play up your best features. You correct, conceal, or embrace your least favorite features. You prevent anything that will make you look or feel worse. If it feels good, it probably makes you happy, and beauty that shines from within is the picture of happiness. Circulation socks, colorful cosmetics, and comfortable legs all look and feel good. If something is meant to be beautiful but doesn’t feel good, skip it. The point of looking good is to appear healthy, so look after your health - this makes beauty less of a routine and more of a lifestyle. A little retail therapy is always fun, too - get some stylish compression socks for health and great state of mind!

Whether you’re getting ready for a day on your feet at work or a day of open-ended plans, pressure socks are ready to support your venous health along the way! Whatever color or style you pick, you get the same great results and protection. The best compression socks are the ones you remember to put on!

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