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Guides Wool Compression Socks

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Medium fits US shoe sizes 6-12 women, 4-10 men.

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The Benefits Of Companions

A remarkably comfortable and supportive knee-high sock with lab-tested 15-25mmHg compression


Compression Increases Circulation


Prevents Pain, Soreness & Swelling


Soft and Supportive All Day Comfort

Premium Smart Fabric

Comfort-First Design

15-25mmHg Compression

When To Wear Them?

When To Wear Them? Companion Socks can safely be worn all day, every day for any activity - they have the health benefits of a medical compression sock with the comfort of a dress sock and the support of an athletic sock. But they’re especially perfect for situations when your feet get achy, sore and swollen.

Flying and Travel
Working On Your Feet
Preventing Varicose Veins
Sitting At Your Desk
During & After Exercise
During Pregnancy