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An outrageously comfy, everyday sock designed to give a boost in energy, support, & blood flow.

4.9/5.0 (7,500 Reviews)

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"These babies are a must on long flights–they keep blood pumping in your legs when you're sitting down for hours on end."

"I have poor limb circulation and these compression socks have been so helpful plus they have a bunch of cute designs."

“These stylish compression socks are perfect for sitting at a desk all day, traveling, or working out."

More Comfort & Energy For Any Activity


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30-day happiness guarantee

Over 1,000,000 socks sold!

Our socks have been worn & trusted by thousands. See what our customers have to say.

"I've been wearing my first pair of Comrad socks for the past 6 hours and I LOVE them. I've had so many issues finding compression socks that fit me well...I'm short and I have large calves, so either I'd have to get larger sizes that extended far over my knee and I'd have to roll them down which made them really uncomfortable, or I'd have a length that fit but the top band on the upper calf would just be way too tight and cause welts after a couple hours. I discovered your Wide calf sizes and I'm thrilled. Thank you!!"

-Melanie L.

"I have been a working Registered Nurse for almost 30 years. I have tried every single support socks (and hose, remember those?!) that are on the market Not even kidding. I ordered a couple of pair from you recently and I need you to know: YOU MAKE THE BEST COMPRESSION SOCKS…..EVER!!! They are perfectly made. They are “padded” in just the right places. They are not too hot and yet, not thin. They come in AWESOME colors! I will be telling my entire hospital about your company."

- Jacqueline B.

"Thank you for such great socks, I’m a hairdresser for 40 years and only wish I would have had them 30 years ago. My legs and knees where hurting so badly until I started to wear your compression socks the last few months. My legs no longer ache and my knees are not swollen, when I wake up in the morning they are the first thing I put on even before my glasses!!!!LOL YOU HAVE MADE ME FEEL 20 years younger again, I’m 59 years young and feel 39 forever again!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!"

-Debora S.

Recommended by top athletes, experts and more

  • Image of Tianna Bartoletta, Olympic Athlete, posing with olympic medals around her neck
  • "They keep my legs feeling fresh after long days, travel and hard workouts. I want to be in the position to be at my best at all times."

    Tianna Bartoletta

    Olympic Athlete

  • "On a flight, before and after a sweat sesh, in between meetings and whenever I’m on the go, Comrad socks are a must."

    Karli Kloss

    Entrepreneur and Model

  • "I'm on my feet for 14 hours a day and Comrad is honestly the best hack to keeping me energized and my legs fresh and feet comfortable."

    Zach Liporace

    Owner of Pop's Bagels LA