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Better than any other compression sock I've ever worn


The thing about most compression socks, though, is that they really  look like compression socks. You know, sort of "medical sporty," if that's a thing. So I was  extra excited when I learned about  Comrad, a company that makes compression socks that actually look good. Like, I'd wear them even if they didn't stimulate blood flow at all.

These compression socks are perfect for sitting at a desk all day, traveling, or working out


"Compression socks" are never really thought of as a stylish piece of clothing. Nor are they really something that you'd think to wear unless you had to — for instance, if you had a medical condition, were running a marathon, or, in some cases, were taking a long flight.

Comrad Socks, a new startup, wants to change that.

 Best compression socks to wear for travel, run, and rest


Compression needs aren't just for fitness. If you sit a lot at work, your legs could benefit from some extra attention. These will fit right in.

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Best Compression Socks for Men


Whether you're going for a run or about to sit on a plane for a few hours, your clothes can actually make a big difference in how you feel—especially when it comes to your feet. That's why compression socks are so common among dedicated athletes and travelers with circulation issues. The tight construction gives your feet and legs support and is supposed to increase blood flow, leading to a more productive run or a less painful plane ride.

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Add Compression Socks To Your Long Haul Travel Routine


Suddenly, it seemed, compression garments were everywhere. Supermodel Karlie Kloss pronounced that she never boards a flight without compression wear; trendy, social-media savvy brands like Comrad Socks

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 Comrad provide enticing benefits, such as increasing circulation, reducing swelling and relieving aching feet during long travel days especially around the holidays – all while offering style and comfort. They have the support of an athletic sock and the benefit of a traditional compression socks with a stylish appearance. Available in a variety of colors, these stocking stuffers cost just $18 per pair.

Socks with Sandals

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Not only does this bold ombré pair look fantastic under denim with open-toe sandals or boots, its compression feature increases circulation, boosts energy levels and improves muscle recovery..

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Speaking of my sister Amanda, she's kind of an awesome personal trainer. And one of her top tips for helping her clients stay on top of circulation during pregnancy is wearing compression socks. "Compression socks are excellent in helping blood to flow properly and not pool in the feet," she tells Romper. 

How to Survive a long plane ride

How to Survive a Very Long Plane Ride 



First of all, there are the compression socks. While you might be like “what, I thought those were only for old people!” I have news: they’re for everybody (they increase circulation and reduce swelling) and these cute ones from COMRAD are totally not embarrassing. 

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Comrad Compression Socks Can Save Your Legs On That Next Long Flight

You may have caught that episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, when Porshe couldn’t handle a flight to Africa and had to miss her BFF’s wedding due to leg swelling. Did you know that compression socks could have been the answer to her problem? Swollen ankles and feet–which are medically called gravitational edema and it can make movement and fitting into shoes painful after flying. Swollen ankles and feet can result from the accumulation of fluid building in the body during a flight.

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Less about looks and more about feeling, the key to a long haul flight might just be your grandmother’s secret to comfortable calves. Compression socks are chic now, and available for the millennial set through companies like Comrad. Pull on (in private—they’re snug) the knee-highs under your baggy pants and slip on some comfortable slides. 
setting industry.
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Gifts for your friend who isn't sick of "millennial pink"


Comrad's Muted Rose Compression socks are the perfect travel companion.

The Quest to Make Compression Socks Cool

The Quest To Make Compression Socks Cool


For years, compression socks have been one of the most popular cures for this feeling, with their ability to help increase blood circulation, prevent swelling and alleviate that ache. The thing about compressions socks though is that they’ve long been looked at as geriatric, unsightly and definitely not something you flaunt on your way to, like, Hawaii.

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When Comrad founder Andrew Ferenci sought compression socks to combat the ravages of sitting in a cramped cubicle or airline seat, he could only find geriatric-looking, nude hosiery or crazily-patterned athletic models.

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 Comrad, a maker of stylish anti-compression socks, distributed pairs for pregnant women who travel frequently by foot or by plane.