Allies - 8-Pack Mixed

Ankle Compression Socks

31Everyday Essential Socks

Magically thin and lightweight
Secure fit prevents slipping or sliding

Enhanced Arch and Achilles Support

360 degree arch compression
Feet feel secure and supported
Improves comfort and performance

Improve foot comfort and support

Breathable mesh for airflow
Sweat-wicking premium fabric
SmartSilver treatment prevents odor

Relief from foot pain associated planta fascia and swelling

✔︎ Risk Free 30 Day Guarantee
You can return your socks for a full refund or exchange for a different size within 30 days of purchase.
360º Targeted Compression™
Targeted band of compression that lifts, stretches, and stabilizes the planta fascia and achilles.
Fabric & Care
92% Nylon/8% Spandex. Can be worn 3-4 times before washing. Recommended to air dry to prevent shrinkage. Wash cold. No fabric softener.

Allies bring the magic of Comrad to ankle socks. Targeted arch compression and magically thin material give them supreme all-day comfort. Quick-drying breathable mesh makes them ready to tackle your sweatiest workouts. In short, the perfect everyday sock for everything you do.

360-Degree Compression

A compressive band of support around the foot prevents swelling, blisters, and slippery socks.

Prevents Odor

Our SmartSilver antimicrobial technology kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping socks fresher longer.

Ultimate Comfort
Ultimate Comfort

Extra toe and heel padding, premium breathable fabric, and slide-free cuffs gives you compression without sacrificing comfort.