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The Allies: Targeted Compression Ankle Socks

What Makes The Allies Special?

Allies bring the magic of Comrad to ankle socks. Targeted arch compression and magically thin material give them supreme all-day comfort. Quick-drying breathable mesh makes them ready to tackle your sweatiest workouts. In short, the perfect everyday sock for everything you do.

Targeted 360° Compression
A super-secure compression knit is applied on the ankle and wraps around the entire foot, optimizing blood flow and decreasing swelling of the feet. Targeted arch and ankle compression provides muscle support and pain relief during high impact activity.

SmartSilver™️ Technology
100% natural Silver Ions (Ag) are bonded on a molecular level to the fabric, providing a safe anti-odor technology that lasts the lifetime of the sock. Silver ions eliminate the growth of odor-causing microbes, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free.

Ultra-Breathable Mesh
Assures breathability and moisture-wicking for long days on your feet or your sweatiest workouts.

Next Level Comfort 
Form-fitting sock design ensures a secure fit with no bunching or sliding. We used seamless knitting to create a sock without any stitches across the toes. Incredibly comfortable no matter where you go or what you wear. 

Versatile Design
Running a marathon or simply errands around the city, Allies are designed to be supportive and functional for everything you do.

Why We Created The Allies

It started in our Venice office with a simple question: can we engineer something better than the standard-issue ankle sock?

We were frustrated with these poorly constructed cotton foot dressings. They are mostly made of cheap cotton and tend to get holes and lose their shape after a handful of wears. The quality and comfort have always felt suboptimal to us (not to mention being sold in bulk via the plastic bag).

So we set out to improve and modify a product that we felt could be vastly improved and modified with compression. 


Design Process and Criteria

After 12 months, 32,595 miles flown, 96 prototypes, and hundreds of hours of R&D we've engineered the most comfortable and versatile performance ankle sock in the game with the benefits of compression. The sock that changes everything. 

By using compression technology in an ankle sock, we discovered that we could introduce the therapeutic benefits of compression along with superior comfort and support in a high-quality sock that lasts. 

We also discovered that by using targeted compression at the base of the foot and the heel resulted in phenomenal support of the thick band of tissue that runs connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia).

The result is an ankle sock with unmatched comfort, quality, and the supportive benefits of compression. 

From one Comrad to another, we think you're going to love these socks.

Keep it flowing,


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