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The Only Socks You Need For Your Next Adventure

By Lisa Ross

Have big plans set up? Or maybe your plan is to get out and explore, not knowing where the day will lead. Whether your plans are all mapped out or ready to be determined while you’re on the go, compression socks have you covered. Run around and have a good time without fear of aching legs. Say yes to that concert or last-minute invitation without hesitation.

Up and down - an evening of exploration: Whether exploring your city or a new one, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. If your location is hilly, that will be physically demanding. San Francisco, anyone? Wherever you are, you’ll probably need to go up stairs. Rooftop patios await you!

Compression socks, praised by athletes for their ability to lessen pain after a workout, are great to wear during a day of activities. Now in a range of styles and colors, they keep you from swelling and getting sore from walking, climbing, running, dancing, and more! Once plain and boring, they now fit in with whatever you like to wear during a day, or night, out on the town.

Standing around as you wait in line is often a necessary evil. These pressure socks help stop blood from pooling in the veins of your lower legs. Compression socks keep the blood moving, even when the line isn’t! Once you’re inside, your legs may be less fatigued, and you’ll be less likely to regret making it out of the house.

More Standing? No problem!: Perhaps your plans have you at an art opening or concert. Sure, you could sit, but that’s not where the fun is! Keep it moving - the fun and your circulation - with compression socks. Your vein health will be protected by the socks’ graduated compression. You’ll be less like to get spider veins by wearing circulation socks. 

Sitting through it: Other activities are less active, as in much less active. Something like a film festival or camping out for concert tickets might have you sitting for hours on end. It’s recommended that for long periods of sitting, you wear compression socks. This is good for the veins in your legs - you need help keeping the circulation going. While you should get up every few hours to move around, you might forget. Keep the blood in your legs moving, even if you’re not. Compression socks are comfortable, so you won’t regret wearing them. Perhaps you waited for good seats and you just don’t want to give them up. Sit it out with the technology of circulation socks. When you’re ready to leave, your legs will be less fatigued and swollen. Don’t end your adventure with aching and swelling! It’s just not necessary.

Wild Side: Maybe you’ve decided to escape into the woods for a hike or camping. The workout of climbing hills on uneven footing is unique. You have to work to keep your balance as you go up and down on trails. Compression socks help keep legs from being sore after a day of all that hard work. Your legs may not be used to it, so they’ll definitely be challenged. When you sit down for the evening, whether it’s back home or at your campsite, you’ll likely be in less pain if you wear compression socks during the hike. Here are some other ways to prevent leg pain caused by hiking. Why pay for a day of fun when you can buy socks that help prevent pain? In addition to keeping legs pain-free, socks provide some protection against nasties like irritating plants and insects. When out in the woods, these best compression socks are good for the insides and the outsides of your legs!

Whether you’re spending the night in the wilderness or back at home, remove your compression socks for sleeping. You don’t need to wear them overnight. Put them on first thing the next morning.

Style: Don’t forget style! These socks come in so many prints and colors, that there’s something for every type of occasion. They’re stylish socks with compression capabilities - they don’t look different from any other sock. Choose from stripes, prints, bright colors, and understated colors. We have something for you. Because they’re not thick, they fit under your footwear just fine. After all, shoes are the foundation of your outfit! With the wrong pair, your carefully planned outfit is a flop. Stylish compression socks go right under your favorite shoes, no problem. Try them on with your favorite shoes, and see. Add cushioned insoles for even more comfort.  

Socks that fit you and your life: It’s hard to want to go out and do things if you feel like you don’t have anything to wear, or if you have to wear a medical device that looks unappealing. These best compression socks deliver benefits without looking like they do. Which is great, because sometimes nothing but the right colored sock will do. Socks in dark jewel tones are a little more fun than black, but still read as a neutral. Printed socks say “I’m having fun today, and so should you.” Brightly colored socks can be selected for occasions like holidays or sporting events, or just because you feel like wearing flashy socks! If you want the daily benefit of compression, make it easy on yourself by having lots of choices.

At Risk?: If you’re at risk for deep vein thrombosis, you probably know about wearing compression socks and the need to keep your circulation healthy. Maybe you’re just now coming across how many options there are for pressure socks. Things are always changing to give you more choices and better style. If you haven’t seen the latest styles of compression socks, take a look! We think you’ll like them. Putting together a sharp look while you prevent blood clots is easier than ever.

From outside to inside, from uphill in the woods to downtown in the bright lights, we have the compression socks you need in styles you’ll like. Bring us on your next adventure!

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