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Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

What's your exchange policy?

Where is my order?

What's your return policy?

Shopping for holiday gifts: What if they don't like them?

What do I do if my socks arrived damaged or with a defect?

Can I change or cancel my order?

Do you ship internationally?

How long will it take for my socks to get to me?

I've got a question! How can I contact someone?

Sock Care, Sizing, and Info

How do I wash my socks?

Will your socks shrink?

Are your socks beneficial for diabetes?

Do you have different sizes for Men and Women?

Are your socks safe to wear?

Are these socks supposed to feel tight?

How do I put on your socks?

What fabrics are in Comrad socks?

I ordered the wrong size, please help!

Why can I see skin through my socks at the ankle? Do my socks have holes in them?

What about my toes? I hate seams, and don’t want my toes to get squished!

Graduated Compression

What is graduated compression?

What does 15-25mmHg mean?

Can I benefit from wearing graduated compression socks?

When not to use compression socks

What are the benefits of Comrad socks?

Is this a medical product?


What payment methods does Comrad accept?

Is safe to share my personal information with Comrad?

Can I use my FSA/HSA account?

Do you offer a discount for Military/1st Responders?

When to Wear

Can you wear them during cardio or should they just be worn afterwards for recovery?


Where are my socks made?

Is your factory compliant with labor laws and manufacturing compliance?

What about the workers who make Comrad socks?

Is your product sustainable?